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Iranian Fara Sanat Engineering Corporation, Philips Exclusive Representative in Iran, offers a new solution to equip its customers by giving them in formation. Countless industries, from sales to health, have begun to recognize benefits of digital signages.

There are several reasons why companies and organizations choose the signage solution. They are flexible and make possible swift and easy expansion of new content. Also, by eliminating the high cost of communication through hard copies, they are very cost-effective.

Through creative solutions help in many areas such as analysis, access, security, organization and better communication with customers through digital, interactive information. Based on special needs of each customer, experts at Fara Sanat Corporation develop these solutions by putting into action a uniform system of facilities and equipment.

In this method, monitors- LED or LCD- or projectors are used. These can be installed in public or private places, from small shops to large malls.

Understanding of what can make a digital signage solution work is an important step. Our experts process and provide the necessary information to make the solution be successful. This information includes data on software, hardware and parts of industry that should make use of digital signages.


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