Fundamental Mission



1. Trying to put into use ingenious and forward-looking strategies in all areas of expertise which is the result of intellectual analysis, innovation, and intelligent thinking of Fara Sanat’s managers and personnel based on customer’s needs and benefits

2. Helping expand customers’ capacity and familiarizing them with modern solutions to administrative and organizational challenges by establishing the belief that the dominating essence of true management lies in the recognition of key opportunities provided by customers’ apparent and hidden needs and also rivals’ weaknesses.

3. Earning special and notable fame, trust and credit for the corporation among people in general and customers and shareholders in particular

4. Customers are of utmost importance and value to us, so we make tireless and genuine efforts to win our customers’ hearts, which is of great value to us.

5. Creating a dynamic corporation with competitive advantage through offering services and new products, and making use of creative, inventive staff, and state-of-the-art technology

6. Acting as a full-service, private sector corporation with the purpose of solving customers’ problems and offering new and insightful solutions; Comprehensiveness of the offered services is a strategic priority for us. Thus, we consider post-sales services and product warranty  as effective and important elements in the process of customer care. Our commitment to projects, products and customer service is our top and strategic priority. We do our best to see our customers’ smiles of satisfaction; to this end, we have founded a responsible corporation.

7. In our corporation, customers hold such a high level of importance that the criterion for staff commitment is the offering of best and most efficient services to our customers; their continued employment depends on customer satisfaction.

8. Goodwill and honesty in dealing with customers forms the very core of Fara Sanat brand. Offering technical information and counsel to our customers will guarantee the efficacy of our strategy to gain customer satisfaction.

9. We believe in:

-          discipline and accuracy combined with reasoning and pondering over corporate affairs

-          promoting both teamwork and individual efforts to accomplish our goals

-          applying scientific approaches to solving problems and administering corporate affairs

-          methodical planning, respecting order, and employment of practical experience

10. We value creativity, innovation, honesty, trust, perseverance, and adherence to ethics. Customer satisfaction is what will guarantee our success; Fara Sanat customers will not leave without a smile of satisfaction lighting up their faces.

11. Creating trust and strongly avoiding trampling on customers’, personnel’s and shareholders’ rights

12. Respecting domestic and international rules

13. Continuous, high-quality education and training of personnel; We attempt to update or upgrade all aspects of our business through efficient consultations.





We are fully committed to:

1. God

We, on principle, believe that by reliance on the Almighty, our powers and capabilities are augmented. With His underpinning, and our own self-confidence and self-esteem, and through patience and perseverance, we will overcome obstacles and challenges, make the impossible come true, and achieve our goals. We believe that a faithful person does not do anything unless it is worth doing well. We rejoice at reading the sentence “O, God. I have something in my impoverished hover which you do not have in your glorious empyrean; I have YOU, but you do not have one like yourself.”

2. Society

We wish to do our part in providing social welfare through execution of developmental plans that are based on collective wisdom and guaranteed quality of offered services. We would like to play a part in economic boom by creating jobs and added value. We strongly believe in “Favor for yourself what you favor for others.”

3.Our Motherland

We strongly emphasize on our attachment to our homeland, Iran. Our several-thousand-year-old civilization, cultural heritage and history act as powerful bases to support this attachment. Therefore, the pursuit of national interest is a priority in our orientation and programs.


     Roles and Responsibility



We are responsible to the following natural or legal people.

        1. Shareholders

Protecting shareholders investment by increasing financial efficiency, earning appropriate profit and raising surplus value for the corporations services

       2. Customers

Offering high-quality services with the most appropriate prices, which have surplus value and are economically justified, at the appointed time in accordance with business ethics and their benefits; it is obvious that respecting customers’ privacy is among their basic rights. Unified, pervasive warranty and post-sales services will bring customers peace of mind and comfort.

       3. Staff

-          Preservation of their human dignity, preparing work space with healthy and ergonomic physical environment

-          Establishment of dominance of self-motivatedness and dynamism of action

-          Retention of individual, collective, and professional personality of the staff

-          Educating the workforce and equipping them with the necessary knowledge and technologies, and utilize their potential and actual talents and capabilities

-          Emphasis on meritocracy

-          Improving personnel’s standard of life in proportion to their efficacy and taking account of their family life and commitments

-          Encouragement to exchange professional and technical information in order to create an atmosphere of positive interaction and minimizing conflict

-          Getting the staff to do their tasks according to assigned schedules and giving them a certain percentage of profits made by the corporation

       4. Any Natural or Legal People Who Have Any Form of Dealings with Fara Sanat

We respect all professional rights of natural or legal people. Honesty and transparency are our major priorities in our business with them; in fulfilling our commitments, we have an obligation to protect mutual benefits.



   Commitment to Principles of Sustainable Development



We are committed to the principles of sustainable development and seek its actualization through the following categories.

        1.Economical tenets

To have an effective presence in business competition and achieve our goals, we take the following into consideration in all our operational mechanisms:

-          Increasing operational efficiency of the corporation and its workforce

-          Aligning our business with technological advancements and continuous enhancement of systems and methods

-          Preventing the corporation from growing immethodically by emphasizing the use of cutting-edge technologies and boosting staff’s efficiency

-          When necessary, hiring contractors to execute projects that fit their capabilities (outsourcing)

-          Proper management of tangible and intellectual property

-          Undertaking to execute projects according to approved plans

-          Attracting the cooperation of business partners (domestic or foreign)

-          Economy

-          Making use of new managerial methods to overcome future problems (time management, change management, etc.)

-          Earning a reasonable profit for the corporation and customers

        2. The Environment

We explicitly declare our fondness for the environment and try actively in minimizing any role we might have in environmental degradation. We strongly believe that our methods and solutions will –directly or indirectly- have a noticeable effect on environment which will result in the reduction of environmental pollutants and its destruction.

        3. Social matters

We know ourselves as part of the society so we constantly attempt to improve people’s standard of living by finding appropriate methods and employing skillful workforce. We will also try to develop new sources of revenue to expand charitable activities. We will not be indifferent to what happens around us. In our charitable activities, maintaining human dignity will be our top priority.

       4. Following Principles of Modern Management

We will endeavor to implement organized approaches in our corporation. Such approaches ought to be able to observe and assess results, reward operations that influence the optimization process positively, make necessary and timely changes in a way that always responds to customers’ needs rapidly and assist us in managing our resources efficiently.

        5. Emphasis on the Effectiveness of Communications

Fara Sanat Corporation values communication highly. Owing to the importance and role that communication has in competitive economy, we consider releasing of necessary information and apparent communications inevitable. To impart knowledge and expand communications, we have comprehensive information-releasing plans through which we divulge information related to our activities to any person or company interested in receiving it; however, classified and secret information is naturally an exception. We strongly believe that communication management is an efficient process and solution that holds the capability of detecting our potential commercial opportunities. We will endeavor to establish the idea that communications have an effective role in the betterment of a commercial system.



     Respecting the Tenet of Transparency



In all our activities, we respect and follow the tenet of transparency which is the manifestation of our rectitude and honesty in our actions and operations. Through doing the following, we respect this tenet.

  1. We obey all rules and regulations related to our field of expertise.
  2. As an independent and responsible legal person, we establish all aspects of our business based on the stated or implied essence of related regulations.
  3. We assiduously avoid any non-transparent dealings and will display all our commercial dealings appropriately and in accordance to accepted, modern procedures.

With the hope of a better future


  • No 13, Unit 16, Fourth Floor, Alvand St., Ghaem Magham Farahani Ave, Motahari St., Tehran
  • +98 (21) 88326453 - 88326704
  • +98 (21)  88326704
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