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Having a dependable industrial laptop that does not leave you alone during difficult times is a necessity. Two types of industrial laptops are supplied by Fara Sanat Corporation: Resistant and Ultra Resistant.

Ultra Resistant Industrial Laptops have military standards for body and temperature and are supplied with IP65.

In industrial projects, a laptops’ ability to be connected to other equipment such as controllers is of utmost importance.

Because these industrial laptops have a special and uniform design, they can be customized to serve different needs and purposes. The laptops’ ability to be connected to a variety of ports, such as serial and parallel ports, is only one of the facilities that we supply our users with.


Resistant Industrial Laptop

This type of Industrial Laptops has security standards IP65 and MIL-STD810G and is appropriate for repair and industrial purposes, such as industrial automation uses and car repairs.

These industrial laptops are resistant to water and blows; unlike Ultra Resistant Laptops, they are not secured against all hazards.

In locations where it is not possible to use a laptop and tasks are to be done remotely (from a distance), industrial tablets are used. Fara Sanat Corporation offers tablets with both Windows and Android operating systems. As corporations industrial tablets are suitable for different industrial, military, medical, and educational purposes.

To choose the right laptop, contact our experts in industrial laptops and tablets department.


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