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The company frasnat in order to create a better way to provide service to its customers, professional and special Navy way, their work and the needs of the user, to offer our customers all need to be accountable to users, while the highest efficiency over time as well. To achieve this, the company frasnat its clients in all steps and step by step support and accompaniment that not only the efficiency of the balabrdeh system, but also the level of the quality of work and time use of the equipment and spare parts as possible. Frasnat company in continuous development and enhancement of the quality level of technology have been working to finally step in order to advance the country's industry and progress in all areas.

Defense and security solutions

In military projects due to the sensitive and operations, which is usually done at high risk locations should be used devices that have an exclusive design and has been enough for standards of military tasks to the relevant field is used and reliable put efficiency

Oil & Gas & Petrochemical Solutions

The oil and gas and petrochemical environments including air-conditioned is that due to the large and different working fields being merged in a large collection, which necessitates not only is totally professional and supervisory control

Regulation and monitoring solutions

Control and monitoring centres due to the crucial and sensitive work of equipment and devices should be used when encountered during the time being efficient  rated high performance data that simultaneously and correctly.

Transport solutions

Solutionsfor transport, in the beginning to this point should be pointed outthat the transport system because the usage of the application, inaccordance with different vehicles and are very classified according to the following main groups.


Products and categories

The Chosen Farasnat

Excerpt from frasnat products in order to improve the choice of your loved ones

Hospital solutions

Daily hundreds of medical centers for clientele do refer torelevant matters which have a lot of times are waiting for his/her affairs. Using the technology of broadcast management systems can be anew experience of the therapeutic space to experience

Banking solutions

Withregard to the extent and progress of the administrative environment and to change the traditional methods , such as digital amzahai digital documents and toexpedite and further necessary information fast  in the newconditions and fits with the new hospitalization is unavoidable.

Industrial automation solutions

Valuein today from the integrated to the productivity and production. Tospeed up the quality and reliability of these systems encountered havebenefited from equipment and devices so that they can work with othercomponents in the network and upgrade over time to lead.

Hotel solutions

Philipstv with 40 years experience in the hotel industry, particularly the topoption for professional and special projects. Philips tv utilizesinnovative solutions in many chain hotels, sports stadiums, recreationalcentres, medical centres and other similar usability.

About Farasanaat

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Chart Projects

Industrial Monitors85%
Industrial Computers80%
Laptop And Tablet Industries90%
Video Wall65%
Sign Digital Age99%


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